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St Anthony’s Glenhuntly Netball Club 2022 Spring season registrations are now open on the new Netball Connect platform that replaces MyNetball.

Spring season commences approx 15th & 16th July 2022.. Details of dates HERE

Club Fees for Spring 2022 are $170 for U13 players and above. U11s need to use a Discount Code to reduce their fees by $15 (no finals fees) - see below.

There is a $10 Early Bird Discount for all players who register by midnight Sunday June 19th (Discount code EARLYBIRD)

Please Note: all registrations must be complete by Monday 20th June 2022 to enable us to finalise teams within CDNAs timeframes. Contact registrations for further details as late registrations (once season commences) will be charged on a pro rata basis and will require a separate discount code.

Please click on the link below which will take you directly to our registration page on Netball Connect – (copy and paste this if the link doesn’t work for you).

Please check the Discount Codes below so you claim any discounts available to you


Participant logging in via the URL link provided by the association or club. 
IMPORTANT:- Please use the same login as used for Autumn 2022 (if applicable) so that the annual VNA fee is automatically deducted.

Registrations can be done on the Netball Connect App or on the website. St Anthony's GHNC would recommend that complete your registration for Netball Connect via Google Chrome as this provides the best user experience.  
Click on the registration link provided below:-


The screen below appears

If the participant has already downloaded the app, NetballConnect and created an account they can login using the same username (email) and password.
If the participant has never created an account with NetballConnect, select new user – register.

The screen below appears

If the participant already has an account, select the name of the participant.
If the participant is new, select +new participant registration. Select who they are registering.


So for most people, unless you are playing or registering yourself (e.g. Coach or Team Manager) you would be selecting No, Registering my child.
The screen below appears  

If the participant already exists, confirm the details are correct, update any if required.

If the participant is new, enter the details required in the screen above.
For any participants that being registered under the age of 18 years, parent guardian details appear. Additional parents and guardians can be added.
Once all details are filled out click the Next button.
The screen below appears
choose the relevant season (only one should be visible at a time) - Autumn runs Feb - June, Spring is June to November each year. 

The next page will ask you to choose the membership you want.

You would choose Player Membership - Junior/Senior Player (it will only populate with either senior or junior, off the court (team managers) or Official (for coaches) depending on DOB of registrant).

Choose Total Seasonal Fees UNLESS this is for a fill-in player, playing one single game only (limited to 3 per season). 
When you click on the Registration Divisions it will only supply you with the Divisions he/she is eligible to play in, choose from the ones displayed - it might show the option of the age group in mixed or possibly senior as well depending on the age of the player as U17s can play in senior divisions etc. (Please double-check with your Team Manager which division your team is expecting to play in – i.e. if the player is a bottom age player but is moving up to the next age group to remain with the team – whether your team intends to participate in the Mixed or Female Only competition).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
There is no facility to nominate the team as we used to have in MyNetball but you can nominate 2 friends to be included in a team with. We will endeavour to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee this due to grading and age restrictions. You can also refer a friend who hasn't played before but who may be interested. 

Scroll to the bottom and then click the Add Competition and Membership button.
The next screen is the Additional Personal Information required by Netball Victoria. It will ask for your MyNetball ID. This information is no longer available in MyNetball but you can email registrations@stanthonysnetball.org.au and we can look it up for you.
Please complete the form and at the bottom select add competition and membership again

The next section is the Participants/Payments screen for Review and Discount Section.

Note:- Please select 'Full Competition - Upfront' not Single Game - this is a flow-on from CDNAs set up for Single Game Vouchers and does not apply to our registrations. 

Discount Codes

At this point the full price will still be showing. Underneath the box you can +Add Discount Code.

Then APPLY CODE Check to see you are being charged the correct amount. If it doesn’t look right (Club Fees for all players are $170, plus $60 for new junior players (2022 VNA) or $80 for new senior players. 

Review the order in the check out and continue through the remainder of the process. 

The next screen is the payment screen. Choose either Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card

Enter your account details or credit card details.
** Please note Debit and Credit Card Surcharges do apply and are outside of St Anthony's Glenhuntly Netball Club Control. **
If you absolutely cannot pay via the above methods, you can pay Offline and transfer the invoice total to the St Anthony’s bank account.  Contact registrations@stanthonysnetball.org.au for more information on paying offline.  - Please note, this option can only apply to Club Fees, VNA cannot be paid Offline and CDNA have removed the option at this point in time. 

Payments are to be made ASAP to bank details:-
St Anthony’s Netball Club BSB 704 191 Account Number 161086 REGSurname Initial & Team Name as reference.

If you need to pay via instalments, let me know and this can be arranged and lastly, the Executive Committee have the authority to waive fees due to financial difficulties - please email (in confidence) president@stanthonysnetball.org.au if you wish to be considered for this.

Any questions or problems, please email   registrations@stanthonysnetball.org.au
or Ph 0431 633 084

Refer also our Netball Victoria Membership FAQs page

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