Honour Board

Honour Board

Below is a listing of St Anthony's Glenhuntly Netball Club players who have played 100 or more games at CDNA (according to the records currently available on MyNetball). This list is current at the end of Autumn 2021 and should be longer, but the recording mechanism hasn't been available since the inception of the Club.

Assuming an average of 13 games per season, these players have played in excess of 15 seasons, or seven and a half years of netball (some of these games may have been with Representative Squads or as fill-ins and average reduced due to Covid shutdowns in 2020 and 2021).

Well done all and we salute you....

Player's Name Total Matches Played
Camm, Fiona 156
Carcelli, Maya 152
O'Sullivan, Leah 151
Baird, Matilda 150
Christensen, Saskia 149
Nicholls, Eleni 148
Rule, Lucy 148
Lowery, Taylor 147
Nicholls, Alexandra 147
Ryan, Claire 145
Spragg-Harris, India 141
Collins, Lucy 140
Cox, Emily 137
Cashman, Sarah 135
Cashman, Emily 132
Kearns, Tayla 132
Vadolas, Angelina 131
Thomas, Imogen 131
Craddock, Jade 130
Lowery, Alysha 127
Munro, Ruby 127
Peel-Hope, Sidney 127
Affinita, Isabella 125
Skinner, Charlotte 123
Slattery, Ella 123
Edwards, Morgan 122
Gerrand, Charlotte 122
Howden, Jemma 122
Rowsell, Anna 122
Stewart, Erin 121
Salom, April 119
Baldwin, Grace 117
Collins, Eliza 116
Ellis, Bridget 116
Cox, Hayley 115
Mcdonald, Sienna 115
Douglas, Imogen 115
Rowsell, Sophie 113
Rule, Emily 113
Mcdonough, Eilish 112
Collins, Julia 111
El Shorbagy, Hanna 110
Edgar, Stella 110
Campitelli, Olivia 109
Thornton, Annabelle 109
Stewart, Meg 109
Salter, Rhiannon 108
Nugent, Meaghan 108
Stewart, Claire 108
Mackie, Cara 108
Gleeson, Siobhan 106
Yates, Hayley 106
Tod, Jessica 105
Hamilton, Olivia 104
Munro, Charlotte 104
Psevdoikonomou, Katerina 103
Ellis, Pippa 102
Ackland, Luci 101
Nugent, Alessandra 101
O'Sullivan, Elise 101

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