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What Makes Us Different?

Why become a member of the St Anthony's Glenhuntly Netball community?

We believe by empowering the team managers to basically 'run the show' without shaking up the teams each year, we are successful at keeping friendship groups together, pretty much throughout the life of the team. 

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Although our focus is on fun, friendship and fitness, this does not mean we haven't been successful, below is a record of our finals performances since 2013:-

Autumn 2023 Spring 2023
Semi Finals
Semi Finals TBA
Grand Finals
Grand Finals TBA
Autumn 2022 Spring 2022
Semi Finals Tornadoes (U13-3),  Shooting Stars (U13-5), Flames (U15-3), Supernovas (U17-5) and Meteors (Open-3) (went out by one goal) Semi Finals Comets (U13-6), Thunderbolts (U13-7), Hurricanes (U17-5), Supernovas (U17-5), Meteors (Open-3),
Sapphires (Open-4)
Grand Finals Supernovas (U17-5) 9 def by St Pat's Jades 14 Grand Finals Comets (U13-7) def Carnegie Hotshots (11-8)
Isla Steiner (Comets) received the Umpire's Award
Supernovas (U17-5) def Hurricanes  (14-13)
Neve Stewart (Hurricanes) received the Umpire's Award
Meteors (Open-3) def by Murrumbeena Boilers
Kate Mieczkowski (Meteors) received the Umpire's Award 
Autumn 2021 Spring 2021
Due to Covid-19 the Semi Finals and Grand Finals were played as lightning rounds both together on 19th June with no spectators! Congratulations to all teams that participated. Due to Covid-19 Spring 2021 season cancelled with a 5 week Return to Play Round Robin played 12th/13th November to 10th/11th December - no Finals
Semi Finals Asteroids, Flares (won their 2nd game), Galaxy, Hurricanes, Meteors, Suns, Tornadoes (won their 2nd game)
Grand Finals

Galaxy (U15-6) 8 def 3 Ormond Lightning
Suns (U17-3) 7 def 6 Coatesville Falcons
Asteroids (Open-1) 18 def 13 Revolution Open 1
Meteors (Open-4) 22 def 7 Carnegie Kestrels with Caeli Yole being awarded the Umpire's Award.

Autumn 2020 - No Finals Spring 2020 - Season did not occur
Autumn 2019 Spring 2019
Semi Finals Asteroids, Flames, Galaxy, Jupiters, Meteors, Sapphires & Twilights Semi Finals Asteroids, Blaze, Flames, Galaxy, Meteors, Suns & Supernovas
Grand Finals
Asteroids (U17) def by Revolution-1 (13-34)
Twilights (U25-2) narrowly def by Oakleigh South Jades in a nail biter (25-26) with Elise O'Sullivan receiving the Umpire's Award
Meteors (U25-4) defeated Caulfield South Hummers (29-16) with Kate Mieczkowski receiving the Umpire's Award
Grand Finals
(U13-7) defeated Coatesville Hawks (11-9)
Flames (U13-6) def by Caulfield South Brilliance (12-19)
Supernovas (U13-5) defeated Coatesville Kestrels (16-9)
Blaze (U25-2) defeated by Ormond Ice (24-22)
Asteroids (U25-1) defeated by Revolution 1 (17-35)

Winter 2018 Summer 2018
Semi Finals
Suns vs Ormond Scorchers
Asteroids vs Oakleigh South Rubies
Stars vs Oakleigh Iris
Jupiters vs Revolution
Storm vs Carnegie Chargers
St Anthonys Meteors vs St Anthonys Sapphires
Blaze vs Gardenvale Gazelles
Twilights vs Coatesville Cougars
Comets vs Caulfield South Lancers

 Records not available on CDNA site
Grand Finals Stars def by Ormond Hurricanes (20-24)
Asteroids def Ormond Fire (31-21)
Blaze def by Ormond Ice (16-17)
Comets def Caulfield South Pontiacs (36-14)
Sapphires def by Ormond Fire (16-17 in overtime)
Grand Finals Asteroids def Vipers (31-21)
Comets def Caulfield South Pontiacs (36-14)
Winter 2017 Summer 2017
Semi Finals

Suns U13 3 Def by Oakleigh Acacias 13-15
Storm U15 2
Meteors U17 4 Def by Sapphires 21-26
Sapphires U17 4 def Meteors 26-21
Blaze U25 2 Def by MANC Bullets 29-19
Phoenix U25 3 def by Ormond Tsunamis 32-2

Semi Finals

Suns U13 4 Red Def Oakleigh Bluegums 12-23
Rockstars U13 5 Def by Coatesville Falcons 12-8
Asteroids U15 1 Def by Carnegie Chargers 21-30
Flares U15 2 Def by Ormond Heatwave 23-18
Sapphires U17 2 Def by Caulfield South Astras 15-23
Meteors U17 3 Def by Oakleigh South Jades 15-22
Blaze U25 2 def Gardenvale Gazelles 24-21

Grand Finals

Sapphires U17 Div 4 def by Coatesville Sparrows 16-17
Storm U15 Div 2 def Carnegie Comets 22-14

Grand Finals

Suns U13 Div 4 Red Def by Murrumbeena Bandits 17-23
Blaze U25 Div 2 Def Blue Galaxies 29-16

Winter 2016 Summer 2016
Semi Finals

Asteroids U13 1
Stars U13
Jupiters U15 1
Storm U15 1
Comets U17
Gems U17
Phoenix U17
Superjets U17 1
Rockets U25 3

Semi Finals Asteroids U13 1
Flares U13 2
Stars U13 5
Rockstars 13 5
Jupiters U15 1
Storm U15 1
Twilights U15 4
Blaze U17 2
Phoenix U17 2
Rockets U25 3
Grand Finals Asteroids U13 1 def Caulfield South Thunderbirds
Stars U13 Caulfield South Triumphs 8-7
Jupiters U15 1
Comets U17
Grand Finals Asteroids U13 1 def by Scorpions 16-19
Jupiters U15 1 def Murrumbeena Blues 29 -23
Twilights U15 4 def by Caulfield South Rovers 18-26
Blaze U17 2 def Gardenvale Gazelles 17-11
Winter 2015 Summer 2015
Semi Finals Jupiters U13 1
Asteroids U13 1
Storm U13 2
Sapphires U15 2
Gems U15 3
Comets U15 3
Twilights U15 3
Superjets U17 2
Blaze U17 2
Phoenix U17 4
Rockets U25 3
Semi & Preliminary Finals Jupiters SF U13 1
Asteroids SF U13 1
Sapphires SF U15 1
Meteors SF U15 4
Gems SF U15 3
Phoenix SF U17 3
Superjets SF U17 1
Blaze PF U17 2
Asteroids PF U13 1
Gems PF U15 3
Sapphires PF U15 1
Grand Finals Jupiters U13 1 def Carnegie Chargers 38-7
Storm U13 2 def MANC Tornadoes 17-15
Sapphires U15 2 def Caulfield Sth Astras 41-11
Gems U15 3 Def by Caulfield Sth Lancers 24-13
Superjets U17 2 def Blue Galaxies 20-12
Phoenix U17 4 Def by Glen Eira Devils 26-2
Grand Finals

Jupiters U13 1
Meteors U15 4 (results unknown)

Winter 2014 Summer 2014
Semi Finals

Jupiters U13 1-2
Twilights U13 3
Asteroids U13 3
Meteors U13 5
Blaze U15 2
Superjets U15 2
Gems U15 3
Comets U15 4
Galaxies U17 2
Sparkz U25 3

Semi Finals Jupiters U13 1-2
Twilights U13 3
Asteroids U13 3
Meteors U13 4
Blaze U15 1
Phoenix U15 1
Superjets U15 1
Gems U15 3
Comets U15 4
Rockets U17 5
Grand Finals Asteroids U13 3
Jupiters U13 1-2
Meteors U13 5 def Ormond Typhoons 11-6
Blaze U15 2
Superjets U15 2 def Blaze 25-17
Gems U15 3
Galaxies U17 2

Jupiters U13 1-2 Def Caulfield South Vipers 15-11
Asteroids U13 3
Meteors U13 4
Blaze U15 1 Def MANC Tornadoes 22-12
Comets U15 4 Def Coatesville Eagles 15-11
Winter 2013 Summer 2013
Semi Finals Comets U13 2
Twilights U13 4
Gems U13 4
Phoenix U15 2
Superjets U15 3
Sparkz U17 3
Galaxies U17 3
Semi & Preliminary Finals Gems SF U13 2
Jupiters SF U13 3
Twilights SF U13 4
Phoenix SF U15 2
Blaze SF U15 3
Superjets SF U15 3
Rockets SF U15 4
Galaxies SF U17 3
Tornadoes SF U25 2
Gems PF U13 2
Superjets PF U15 3
Grand Finals Gems U13 4 def Murrumbeena Berries 23-12
Phoenix U15 2 def by Ormond Thunder 24-18
Superjets U15 3 def by Murrumbeena Blitzers 13-14
Galaxies U17 3 def Murrumbeena Bangles 11-8
Grand Finals Jupiters U13 3 def Caulfield South Vipers 13-11
Twilights U13 4 def Murrumbeena Bilbys 18-14
Blaze U15 3
Superjets U15 3 def Blaze 19-17
Galaxies U17 3 def Gardenvale Phoenix Purple 20-10
Tornadoes U25 2 def MANC Shooters 23-15


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