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For any uniform enquires email uniforms@stanthonysnetball.org.au

Breaking News:- our U11 teams are the first to receive our new A-line dresses (to replace the items below). See below details on the

Try On Day at Duncan Mackinnon Netball Court Changing Rooms

Meanwhile, the Shooting Stars seem pretty happy with the upgrade!

We’re excited to announce St Anthony's Glenhuntly Netball Club is rolling out a new range of netball uniforms during 2021.

Our U11 Comets and Shooting Stars teams were the first to be kitted out with new dresses last Friday night, and it was wonderful to see players playing in their new outfits!

Very soon, we will also be seeing the introduction of our Singlet / Running Shorts Combination, approved for match play, allowing more flexibility in clothing options on Court.

We would love to see our teams out in force on the courts with our new uniforms! And to push this along, the SANC Committee has decided to offer the new DRESSES to existing teams free of charge.

The Singlet and Running Shorts Option is not yet available. If players prefer to choose this option (also free of charge), they will be able to continue wearing their existing uniform until the Shorts / Singlets are available. Try-on sessions for these items are anticipated by July.

In an effort to get the new dresses in time for Spring 2021 it is most important that we submit our order as soon as possible so we only have a very narrow window of opportunity to organise the right size for you. So this is the important bit...


This Saturday 29th May. All teams are being asked to attend a try-on  session, to get them fitted with a dress.
CDNA changing rooms, at the Duncan Mackinnon Courts. Please ensure you bring a face mask to comply with current restrictions.
From 8.30am onwards. 10 to 15 minute blocks have been allocated to each team, and based around match times See the schedule below. Please be prompt to keep the flow and minimise wait times!

Fitting  time Game Start

8.45am 8.00am

9.30am 8.45am

At Tues night training Bye

9.00am 9.30am

10.15am 9.30am

10.30am 9.30am

11.40am 11.00am

11.15am 11.45am

1.10pm 12.30pm

11.55am 12.30pm

12.10pm 12.30pm

If a player absolutely cannot make the allocated time, contact the Uniform
Co-ordinator using uniforms@stanthonysnetball.org.au or on 0412826610 but please make every effort so the rest of your team can get their new uniform in time.

Notes to bear in mind: 

The committee has agreed to supply 1 x match play outfit per player at no charge.  i.e. Either a dress or a Singlet / Runner short combination. 

After the try-on sessions, the dresses will be ordered in one bulk purchase which is why we need everyone's correct sizing as soon as possible. We are expecting (fingers crossed) that they will be delivered by or close to the start of the Spring 2021 Season.

If a player has not ordered a uniform during this weekend round, he/she is still eligible for 1 x FOC outfit but it will need to be in the next round of purchasing of uniforms. We will not be supplying new uniforms free of charge for new players/teams joining the club from Autumn 2022 onwards

New uniforms are not compulsory. Existing uniform can still be worn alongside new uniform for a grace period of  2 seasons.

At the end of June, Hoodies and the under-dress shorts will also be available, for purchase. Note the Club under-dress short is not a compulsory item to be worn on court. Players are able to wear plain navy blue boyleg/hotpant-type shorts.

Your Old Uniform

Once you are kitted out with our new uniform please consider donating your old uniform (via your Team Manager) as we are intending to collect the old kit for donation to charity - if you have ideas of who could make good use of these let us know but we will make sure they find a deserving home. Our committee member Alison Collins has offered to receive the donated old uniforms for the TMs to pass on to. 

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