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Coaching Development Workshop

Coaching Development Workshop

CDNA has contacted us regarding  a fantastic opportunity they have been exclusively given from Netball Victoria.

Netball Victoria have devised a brand new Coaching Development Workshop that is aimed towards brand new and beginner coaches. It is all about the important off-court coaching side of things, so no specific on-court skills or drills, but the nuts and bolts that coaches really need to know that isn’t covered in the Foundation course. The topics covered by the course are:

CDNA are lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to host the pilot of this program……free of charge!! All participants will receive a great and useful workbook and, 5 re-accreditation points from Netball Victoria. All they ask for in return is some feedback about the session.

This would be a great workshop to offer any beginner coaches or even any players / coaches / parents who are looking to start coaching next year. I think it would also even benefit more experienced coaches who are looking to really get to know the crux of coaching too.

DATE: Sunday 30th August

TIME: 10am-11:30am

WHERE: Via Zoom

To register, please email secretary@stanthonysnetball.org.au ASAP.

Please pass this information on, it will be a very valuable session for everyone!

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