CDNA Update 18th December 2019

CDNA Update 18th December 2019


Click HERE to download the final draft of the CDNA Bylaws that they will be using in 2020.

They have invited comments which you can submit via

PLEASE NOTE: They are not asking you for ideas for new Bylaws or any large suggested changes to existing rules. These have all already been discussed and decided by the Committee and will be coming into effect in 2020. They are purely offering you all the chance to view them and pass comment or let them know if they’ve missed anything important.   There are quite a few changes, both small and big, to things everywhere in the Bylaws such as grammar, spelling and updating rulings in general.

In particular, please take note of:


Requests have already started to come through for training court allocations next year. Please remember that we’re starting completely afresh, so all requests have to be made again. As per usual, they will be on a first come, first served basis so please submit your team's training court requests ASAP to (this includes any training locations other than Duncan Mackinnon as well, e.g. St Anthony's primary school, as we need to re-submit requests each season).

PLEASE NOTE: The CDNA Rep team training has been moved to a Monday night next year, meaning there’s more opportunity for Sunday night trainings if clubs/teams want them. That does also mean there is less availability on Monday nights too though….


For your information the CDNA's new office hours are:-

However, as usual, all communication with CDNA should be via or 0431 633 084


Just a reminder of the important dates to remember:

The season calendar is up on our website and the CDNA website too.


As discussed previously, CDNA is proud to be offering mixed competitions for the 15/U and 17/U age groups next year and changing the 25/U age group to now be Open age. Just a reminder…


CDNA would like to offer our members the opportunity to take part in various courses throughout next year, including coaching accreditation, coaches in the field and MyNetball training courses. Please be in touch if these are things you’d like to take part in.

Entrance of McKinnon Netball Club into 2020 CDNA Competition

This message below was received 23rd December regarding the entry of the McKinnon Netball Club:-

"Dear Clubs, 
Now that the netball year has drawn to a close, we would like to ensure that clubs are hearing the correct information regarding activities within the Association and that this correct information is passed on to all parents and players.
The McKinnon Netball Club will be entering our competition in the Autumn season 2020. The club has been founded from existing and new CDNA players and will initially have a small number of teams across different age groups. It has been brought to our attention that rumours are circulating that our Strategic Representative Advisor (Jenny McIntyre) will be either a committee member or a coach of this new Club. We would like to make  the following very clear
The entrance of new clubs into the Competition, particularly one that is created predominately from our existing player pool, will always present the Association with both opportunities and challenges. However, the Committee believes that Jenny has acted very professionally in this matter and she has kept the CDNA Office and Committee advised about developments at the Club and her involvement in them on a continual basis. Jenny has been a fantastic addition to the CDNA Representative Program and her work has substantially improved the program in a very short time.  Jenny deserves full recognition of this achievement.  We look forward to her continued work with the Association in 2020.
We would also like it known that all our Representative coaches have been directed to encourage players or parents who approach them with any issues regarding their existing domestic team to discuss their issues with their current clubs. They have been asked to resist pressure to take players into clubs or teams that they have associations with.
On other matters, 2020 is going to be a new and exciting year at CDNA with the trial of a new mixed competition.  The updated Association By-Laws have been sent to all Clubs for review, we look forward to hearing your feedback on the updates when we return in the New Year.  We believe the changes implemented will make it easier to get people on court and playing netball.
Finally, we hope you all have an opportunity to have an enjoyable break while netball is on hiatus and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and successful new year.
Kind Regards
CDNA Committee of Management


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