My Netball Faqs

My Netball FAQs

Netball Victoria Membership for 2020

(Valid from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020) includes GST and offers the following categories:

Players, Umpires, Coaches and Bench Officials born on or before 31/12/2002 – (18 & over)
Players, Umpires and Coaches born between 01/01/2003 – 31/12/2009 – (11 – 17 years)
All Abilities
Any Age - Members with a disability (on receipt of valid ID)
5-10 years of age, born on or after 01/01/2010. The NSG membership also covers all modified U/9 competition. Price includes participant pack
Off the Court
Committee Members, Administrators, Volunteers, Parents and Spectators.
(PLEASE NOTE: players, coaches, umpires and bench officials must be a current senior, junior or AA member)

 For more information please visit the Netball Victoria website.

Logging into MyNetball

Everyone who played a season of netball or NetSetGo will have a VNA number (or participant ID) in the MyNetball system. MyNetball now requires the participant “ID” to change from being the VNA number to an email address for all participants. It is important to note that the email in your Participant Details are separate to Participant ID email addresses and changing the email in your details does not change the email address for your Participant ID. If you need to change the email address associated with your MyNetball login follow these instructions:-


How Long Does My Netball Victoria Membership Last For?

Netball Victoria membership is valid from January 1st until December 31st in each calendar year. If you have registered elsewhere for the coming year, please ensure that you use the same login to register with St Anthony’s so that your paid VNA is deducted from our registration process. 

Please contact registrations@stanthonysnetball.org.au if our registration page is showing VNA payable and you think you have paid it already for the current year. Proceeding will require obtaining a refund for VNA from Netball Victoria directly using their application process and policies as we are unable to refund VNA via the Club anymore.

New Logins – Single Participant:

If you have not logged in to MyNetball before you can register (link) using the left hand panel – First Time Participant.

This will commence the process of creating a MyNetball Participant ID. You will be asked to enter a current email address which will become the MyNetball login and you will need to have access to activate the link and proceed with the registration process.

Existing MyNetball User – Single Participant

If you know your MyNetball login you can simply click on the Registration link and proceed with registration for the upcoming season.
If you have forgotten your password or login ID you can search using the link below:-

I've Forgotten my MyNetball password!

Everyone who played a season of netball or NetSetGo will have a VNA number (or participant ID) in the MyNetball system.

If you can’t remember your MyNetball password but you know the relevant email address, use the Lost Password link on the bottom of the Login. Note This link will be time-sensitive so ensure that you are able to act on it on receipt..

If you can't remember your login ID, email address or password, use the link below and search on the First Name, Surname, Date of Birth Fields. 


Change MyNetball login ID to an email address

MyNetball now requires the participant “ID” to change from being the VNA number to an email address for all participants. It is important to note that Participant Details, are separate to Logon Accounts. Existing logins can also be converted from NV reg number, to email address.

The primary benefit of this is for parents with more than 1 child playing netball. Once converted, a parent can login to MyNetball using their email address, and choose which child(ren) to register.

If you wish to convert your MyNetball login ID to an email address, email registrations@stanthonysnetball.org.au or secretary@stanthonysnetball.org.au and we can send you a link from the back end of the site. This link will be time-sensitive so ensure that you are able to act on it on receipt.

Add Family Members To The Login

To obtain the family discount it is necessary for the family members to be linked to a single MyNetball login email address. To link multiple members to the login follow the procedure below:-

Activate the primary email logon using the procedure above.
To begin the process of linking your accounts, log into your account using your email address as your ID. Locate and open the Link or Unlink Records menu item, as shown below:


You can then search for IDs which share the same email address, to begin the search press the highlighted link.

After the search for other records has been executed, tick the checkbox next to each record you would like to link and press Link Selected Records button

You will be returned to the Linked Participants screen to review your new linked accounts.
NOW that you have linked these accounts, they are accessed and managed by your email login.

As the following shows, you can switch identities once logged in, and manage each individual by selecting their ID in the list.

Once an alternate ID has been select you will notice the Name/ID changes to the selected linked ID , and all menu items are now related to that ID

You can then return to the registration page and proceed with registering each of the participants.


Ensure you are managing the correct profile before undertaking any online learning, as it will be recorded against the ID displayed in the header area. The portal will remember the last user profile used, so make sure you check before actioning changes or subscribing to membership.

Family Discount on Registration

The MyNetball site for St Anthony’s Glenhuntly registrations will automatically apply the family discount where multiple family members are registered using the procedure above.

In addition, the club will need to link your family members so you need to email secretary@stanthonysnetball.org.au if the family member discount is not calculating correctly. Limitations within the MyNetball site mean that the discount will only apply when registering 2 or more family members within the same product group. If this is not the case you can elect Offline Payment option and pay the lower amount directly into the club bank account.

I Am A New Player And Would Like To Register To Play At St Anthony’s Glenhuntly Netball Club. What Do I Do?

St Anthony’s welcomes all players of any playing level. Please submit our Registration of Interest Form and our Registrations Officer will get back to you as soon as practicable to advise if  we have any suitable vacancies. 

Can I be both a Player and a Coach?

Yes, MyNetball allows members to have multiple roles, including Player (junior, senior, veteran, NetSetGo), Umpire (junior, senior), Team Official (coach, team manager) and more. Please see registering as coach (below) and register as coach prior to registering as a player so that VNA fee will be paid by the club.

Can I Register For More Than One Club? 

Yes. Under MyNetball you are able to register for two clubs if for example you were playing Rep or Night Netball you can register for St Anthony’s also. You cannot register for two different clubs in the same Association. If you are changing from another Club within the Association you will need to contact us (registrations@stanthonysnetball.org.au au) to arrange a Transfer or Clearance. This is the case even when you may be changing at the end of a season where an Association clearance may not be required, but for the new club to be visible in MyNetball, a transfer or clearance will need to be performed.

How do I register just as a Coach or Team Manager for my team?

Coaches need to register using a different MyNetball link as this ensures that the club pays the VNA for you. The link for Coaches or Team Managers ONLY is:-


Are Registration and Payment Different? 

Yes. Registration is where you provide your personal details such as name, address and contacts. This is the same information as you would have normally hand written on a Registration Form. Registration immediately triggers the VNA component and ensures that you have Netball Victoria membership. You will have the option to pay immediately via Credit Card as a part of your online registration. Your registration will still be accepted and processed if you choose not to complete the payment online during registration. You can choose to pay via EFT. Please use your MyNetball member number or  surname & team name in the Payment Reference (eg. 123456 – Smith or Smith - Twilights). This will make it easier for us to match your payment to your online registration. All offline registrations are expected to be paid within 7 working days of registration unless otherwise arranged (see below)..

Can I Arrange A Payment Plan?

Yes, we will happily arrange a Payment Plan if you require. Registration will still be online but payment will be manual via EFT (by arrangement with the club Treasurer – email treasurer@stanthonysnetball.org.au – financial hardship cases can be submitted to the executive committee for consideration of waiver of club fees also if required). Regular payments are expected on a payment plan, even if they are only small.

Can I Obtain a Refund for VNA?

Netball Victoria immediately receives the payment for VNA when you register register via online payments. Should circumstances change and you are unable to play for our Club, the VNA payment will 'transfer' to a subsequent club when a Clearance Form is completed. (For another club within CDNA Click here) For other Associations the VNA will be deemed paid and deducted from the new club fees.

If you will not be playing netball at all in the applicable year you can apply to Netball Victoria for a refund using their application form:-


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