CDNA Update #2 Autumn 2021

CDNA Update #2 Autumn 2021

Hope you all had a nice relaxing long weekend.

We’re looking forward to getting right back into our netball again and thought this was the perfect time to send out a few reminders and information for you all.


Quite a few of these are still not being filled out correctly, so please just make sure you pass on information to your team managers. I have attached the instructions again. Please make sure they are filled out, every player who gets on court has a position next to them and any fill-ins or new players are clearly identified on both the front and back of the scoresheet.

From the Club - here's the CDNA Scoresheet Procedures


Thank you for working so well with the new norm of COVID procedures. It would be great if you could re-iterate to your members the importance of:


We know there are some new and excited parents out there, but it very important that the photography process and related child safe policy is explained to them all. Permission is needed to take photos. There is also seemingly a new trend popping up around Associations with parents putting games up live onto social media or Facetime – I’m afraid this is not allowed at all, so please pass this on.

From the Club - here's the Photography Permission Form and the Child Safety By-Law is quoted below:-


  1. The Association and all individual Teams and Clubs are responsible for the management, administration, observance, promotion, enforcement and monitoring of the Child Safety in Netball Policy and Code of Conduct.
  2. Any person wishing to record photographs or video of a match and/or specific players must first obtain permission from the other team and the Association. This permission, and their details, must be recorded on the form supplied by Association, and the terms stated within must be agreed to. This form can be obtained from the Control Box


Is now done and points have been reset to zero for everyone to start again from this weekend.


The most updated one is attached for you all. PLEASE ensure your correct court bookings are used, as there are people waiting for spots to open up and expensive lighting bills being paid. If you no longer need your court, please let me know.


Now that grading is over, we expect all players to know about uniform standards and adhere to them. This means:

If any clubs/teams are still waiting for uniform deliveries and need a further exemption, please just be in touch.


Single Game Vouchers are now online and cannot be bought from the control box with cash on game day. Here is the link to let your members know:-

This link will also be available at the control box for people to use their phones to purchase on the day if needed. Please ensure it is marked clearly on the scoresheet too.

That’s all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend back out on court and take care.

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